[9월 5주차] '여자배우' 부문 스타 브랜드파워 투표

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투표기간 : 2023-09-27 14:00 ~ 2023-10-04 14:00
총 투표수 : 1,641,420표
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구본화 2023-10-04 12:37:40
박서진 화이팅
최고의 가수 국민의 가수 박서진

구본화 2023-10-04 12:36:18
박서진 화이팅
최고의 가수 국민의 가수 박서진

JJ DELA 2023-09-27 22:08:59
This voting platform is cheated..I cant imagine why the Voters are only within 150 people below but they get high votes IN jUsT A MInUtE...I can't understand...

Stefani Yosephina 2023-09-27 18:25:25
Topstar cheated, played a voting numbers in first place, it's very unreasonable and not makesense that within 5 minutes it could increase by 8000 votes, this is the worst voting ever, and everyone already knows about that, just leave this website